People Who Are Divorced Open Up About Things That Could Have Saved Their Marriage

Marriage is not daal chawal for 50 saal till you die, like Bunny said in YJHD. Marriage is hard work and needs a lot of effort, compromise, and sacrifice to stick for years. While some marriages aren’t meant to stick and in that case, it’s best to let go, other times couples need advice on ways to make their marriage work.

Recently, people on Reddit who have been divorced talked about the things which could have made their marriage work. While there were many who got cheated on by their spouses, there were others who shared little pearls of wisdom which are often overlooked.

Here’s a look at some of the best advice given by divorced people:

1. Understanding that you are not each other’s competition.

2. Prioritising your relationship over work.

3. Not being resentful towards each other.

4. Communicate better.

5. Peace is more important than justice.

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6. Learn to value yourself first.

7. Be clear about handling finances.

8. Equally distribute chores.

9. Understanding the importance of physical touch.

10. Some people highlighted how nothing could fix their marriage, as some relationships are just not meant to last. However, that doesn’t mean the ending needs to be bitter.

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