Desis Discuss Why It Is Important To Let Daughters In Toxic Marriages Get A Divorce

It is 2021 and yet divorces are seen as a topic of taboo in our society, and how many people feel forced to prolong their marriage to escape judgement, isolation, or even ridicule from others. However, there are also people who are attempting to de-stigmatise it by being vocal and listing heartwarming reasons why one shouldn’t feel ashamed of a divorce.

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A Twitter user started another conversation on the topic where she argued that a divorced daughter is better than a distressed daughter stuck in a toxic marriage.

Many desis agreed with the statement, and shared their own views and experiences with the same.

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Others, however, pointed to the roadblocks one might face in the course of a divorce, and talked about how it is not as easy a solution as it looks.

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Which side do you agree with? Tell us.

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