Shikhar Dhawan’s Wife Aesha Answers Why She Is Always Seen Wearing A Cap

aesha dhawan

To say people are pretty much obsessed with Cricket in India would be a major understatement. And this love for the sport has grown to such an extent that there exists a culture where cricketers are followed religiously. What they eat, what they wear, who they go out with, who they marry and what not. While this may be considered as love and admiration, the kind of attention paid to these wives and girlfriends is sometimes unfair.

They are judged for everything from their dressing styles to their opinions on social media. Shikhar Dhawan’s wife Aesha Dhawan is one such person.

Aesha is almost always seen in a cap. Like here:


And here:

Many have often wondered why she does it though. And it must’ve been a pretty popular question because Aesha has finally put speculations to rest and revealed the reason behind this wardrobe staple of hers.

She took to Instagram to answer this question in detail:


And the answer is pretty thought-provoking, to be honest. An ideology that many successful individuals have adopted in their lives. She begins:

“Many people have asked me why I am always in my training gear or always wear a cap. I’ll finally answer (lol).

I don’t waste time on unnecessary thinking or decision making. I only put effort into what I consider priority or of importance in my life or even down to a day to day level. I like fitness and so I train every single day. And after training I am with my family and growing my home, which includes having meals as a family, me doing my own housework, cooking, cleaning, taking kids to school, doing activities, working on my business, looking after kids, playing with kids, making my videos of my YouTube channel etc.”

She continues on to say that due to this, she does not have time to waste fixing her hair or dressing up:

She says that she considers that time as wasteful and would rather do what is needed for her day and her personal life to be productive. She reminds us that many top business moguls who have shaped our world, like Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs have adopted a similar disdain towards wasting time for vanity.

She ends her 3-post explanation on this note:

“If we all get a certain amount of energy to utilise through a whole day, I value it so much that I am very aware of its importance. So I focus where I will use it. My energy is my currency.”

Clearly, Aesha Dhawan is much more than just the wife of a cricketer. She is a power to reckon with on her own and an individual who has a very clear idea on where her priorities lie in life. We can all learn a lesson or two from this gorgeous wife, mother and primarily, woman.

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