Shikhar Dhawan Dropping Out Of 3 ODIs To Care For His Unwell Wife Is Exactly What LOVE Is!


Indian Cricket Team is in prep-mode for the upcoming India vs Australia series. But one key player will be amiss from the first three ODIs.

Shikhar Dhawan will be missing the first three One Day Internationals of the Australia series because he has to take care of his ailing wife, Aesha Dhawan. A Zee News report stated that BCCI just released a statement,

“Team India opener Shikhar Dhawan has requested to be released from the team for the first three ODIs of the Paytm Australia tour of India, 2017 to attend to his wife, who is unwell. The All-India Senior Selection Committee has decided not to name any replacement for Dhawan in Indian Cricket Team.”


Isn’t that the sweetest bit of information? He’s such a family man. This is not the first time Shikhar has requested for leave to be with his family.


During the Sri Lanka series, he dropped out to be with his ailing mother. BCCI had issued a statement on September 2nd, stating that he’s leaving for India mid-series to be with his sick mom.

Shikhar with Sunaina
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“Shikhar Dhawan would be leaving for India tomorrow i.e. September 3rd to see his ailing mother. Dhawan’s mother is stable and is recovering well at the moment.”


And, now he’s taking leave to be with his wife Aesha.


Upon hearing the news, netizens combined forces. From awws to husband goals, Shikhar’s decision is getting all the praises and love.

1. He indeed is.


2. It facilitates growth and peace of mind.


3. Shikhar-storm will hit Australia a bit late.


4. Shikhar Dhawan has his priorities straight.


5. Some were sad too.


6. No replacement for him, but someone will be replacing him for the three matches.


7. Oh, he is!


8. The man with a golden heart.


9. So many girls have the same thought.


10. Goals it is!

Now, if this isn’t true love then what is? It’s such a heart-warming gesture, Shikhar.

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