People Wrote R.I.P For Shashi Tharoor Instead Of Shashi Kapoor And He Had The Cheekiest Reply

Shashi Tharoor, if you haven’t noticed already, is a favourite with the lit-fest-makers and the takers it brings along. Thanks to his unparalleled oratorical skills. But something about him also makes him a favourite with the news-makers–the ‘breaking news’ kind–and honestly, that’s no mystery either!

Shashi tharoor
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The reason I’m discussing him with you, instead of agreeing that Tuesday mornings are no better than Monday mornings, is that he has found himself in the crosshairs of an unspeakable but totally predictable goof-up.

Yes, when the legendary actor Shashi Kapoor passed away at 79, yesterday, people started sending condolences to Tharoor, because history repeats itself.

shashi tharoor
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(Remember when Vinod Kambli was being asked to rest in peace when veteran Vinod Khanna passed away?).

If you don’t believe me, see for yourself. 

Hell, even Times Now, made a boo-boo and wrote a condolence for Shashi Tharoor that read something like, 

But hey, it’s Shashi Tharoor we are talking about!

Unsurprisingly, he had the cheekiest response to the farrago of distortions and well, I’ll just let his tweet do the talking! 

Not just that, he even took a moment to express his grief at the demise of the industry veteran. 

Needless to say, Times Now realised their folly and was quick to come up with an apology!

Well, what can I say? Oh, I know…never mess with a thespian, you guys! Doesn’t end all that well.