Veteran Actor Vinod Khanna Dies After Battling Cancer And B-wood Has Come To A Standstill!

After a prolonged period of illness, legendary actor Vinod Khanna has left our midst and it’s a void nothing can fill! He was 70, but the vigour we remember was enough to give newbies complex. The charm, the exuberance; only if they made more like him!

Only if we knew, that the frail-looking picture of him from the hospital bed would be his last!

Talking of lasts, Bollywood, now is paying its last respects to Vinod ji and words are hardly conveying the shock, disbelief and grief! 

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From cancelling premieres to pre-scheduled interviews, here’s how B-town offered its homage to Vinod ji. 

1. As soon as the unfortunate news surface, Karan Johar paid his tribute by cancelling the premiere of his next production, ‘Baahubali 2′.


2. Amitabh Bachhan left an interview midway to be the grieving family. 

“He reportedly left his interview mid way to rush to hospital to be with Khanna’s family.”


3. Always…




5. From a friend, 


6. Words fall short! 


7. The loss is ours.


8. I wish…




10. From the biggest fan…


11. Forever is an illusion! 


12. It will not be the same without him!

Only if we could reverse time.. Only if time was a little kind! Rest in peace, Vinod ji. You will always live in our hearts.

News Source: Zee News

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