Shah Rukh Khan’s Fan Gifts Him Land On Moon Each Year. How Is That For A JABRA Fan?

Not only a dumdaar name, SRK is more like an emotion for every SRKian. Charmer for some, witty for all, Shah Rukh Khan‘s enigmatic personality leaves everyone impressed. And, each year November 2, i.e. his birthday, is a day which ain’t anything less than a fest for the crazy fans.

Outside Mannat, his humble abode in Mumbai, you can see a sea of SRKians, huddled to express their love and convey birthday wishes to their megastar. And, he loves them to the moon and right back.

Speaking of moon, each year, he receives countless gifts, but there is one fan who gifts him land on Earth’s moon. No kidding!

Sandi, an Australian Jabra fan of King Khan buys him lunar property on every birthday. In an old interview with Zee News, SRK had said,

“An Australian lady buys a little land on the moon for me every year on my birthday. She has been buying it for a while now and I get these certificates from the Lunar Republic Society. She writes me colourful emails (in the sense one line is red, one is blue and so on). I feel blessed to have the love of so many people worldwide.”

According to Lunar Registry, the Sea of Tranquility, is the sought-after area on the moon and SRK owns several acres there. BTW, back in 2009, 1 acre (approximately 43,560 sq ft, or 4,047 sq mtrs) cost around US $37.50 (Rs 1758.75).

Back in 2009, Glamsham found tracked Sandi and spoke to her about buying land for Shah. She had said,

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“Yes, it’s true that I bought a block of land on the Moon for King Khan, as I wanted him to be the first Hindi film hero on the Moon! I want him to always be first with everything… For his birthday in 2002, I had a star in the Scorpius constellation named after him, (which was also a first for a Hindi hero) and the Moon idea was to follow the ASOKA theme of the Sun, the Moon and the Stars. Maybe for next birthday, I will have organised something to represent the Sun.

Though I have written to Shah Rukh many times, I know that he doesn’t answer fan mail, but when he mentioned me in his interview, it’s more than compensated! I was understandably ‘over the Moon’ with joy. Shah Rukh has shown me such respect and gratitude for what I have done for him that he will always be my hero.”


BTW, there’s another Australian lady who had gotten a crater in moon named after him. A Shah Rukh crater.

Wow. The love SRK enjoys is always overwhelming and we wonder how he takes it all in. But, seriously tho, gifting land on moon! That’s some JABRA fan level thing!

I know I can’t gift you land on moon, Sir, but you own endless acres on my heart’s territory (if that counts. ?)

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