20 Tweets By Shah Rukh Khan That Are Dripping In Wit And Humour All At Once!

Shah Rukh Khan’s wit and humour IQ needs no introduction. His Twitter feed and interview quotes are testimonial to the fact that SRK is not only the ‘King’ of Bollywood, but also of intellectual acuity.

If you still are not convinced and need proof, then here are 20 tweets by Shah Rukh Khan that are dripping in sarcasm, wit and humour.

This was his first tweet:



1. When someone asked for his mobile number on Twitter.



2. This digital response.


3. When he was invited to Washington.


4. Oh! That burn!


5. That’s the secret of his energy.


6. This guy asked him about how much did ‘Raees’ collect on Pluto the planet.



7. Someone asked him how were his dimples!


8. The pun there.


9. We’re looking at you Shah Rukh!


10. The magical word.

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11. When a fan asked if he uses Snapchat or not.



12. Aha! Witty, much?


13. When someone asked if he would marry her.


14. How many pocket tweets have you made?


15. ‘SRK’s Mexican Wife’ wanted to bite his lip. Here’s what he had to say to that proposition.


16. Punk rock hairstyle.


17. That weird shayari.


18. When he went for a cycle ride with Salman.


19. His take on Brexit.


20. Back when he chopped his beard.

You’re too hot, you’re too cool, you’re SRK, you rule!

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