Girl Hilariously Live-Tweets Arranged Marriage Meeting She Witnessed In A Coffee Shop

Many people in our country ditch dating apps and opt for arranged marriages instead. And while it could be a beautiful affair, several desis have opened up on the other side of these rishta meetings, from having a long list of expectations to strangers counting the potential suitor’s flaws.

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A Twitter user happened to witness one such arranged marriage rishta meeting while she was at a coffee shop, and gave a live commentary of it in a hilarious Twitter thread. Check it out:

From mansplaining to unsolicited career advice, the girl describes how the male suitor seems to check all the sexist stereotypical boxes.

She also analysed their body language and commented on how the guy kept interrupting the girl, and talked about his travel plans not considering the ongoing pandemic.

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Families from both sides also made an appearance to check on and supervise the date. She also reveals her unfortunate past relationship, giving the kahaani a twist.

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The alliance seems pretty serious as their entire khandaans are present and approving of the couple together.

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She compares and contrasts the formal rishta meeting with the innocent chemistry and flirting of another couple sitting nearby.

And finally, she ends the saga by dropping the anti-climax.

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Here are some of the responses people had to this long but hilariously detailed tale. Some talked about the disproportionate compromises women have to forego in such situations:

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Others defended the guy, asking her to not judge him too quickly:

What’s your take on this story? Tell us.

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