‘Independent & Atheist’ Man Shares Long List Of Expectations For Dulhan In Arranged Marriage

Best friend: Tu Tinder chod, Arrange marriage hi kar le. Me: Haan yaar, I know.

Jokes aside, many people opt for arrange marriage due to various reasons like tradition, social awkwardness, or their reserved personality. But either way, arrange marriage is a beautiful affair that involves a lot of factors. For instance, the guy and the girl might have certain expectations from their future partners.

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Speaking of which, a guy, who failed at finding love online, took to Reddit to share how he hopes to find his potential mate through an arranged marriage. In fact, the guy even shared a detailed list of expectations he has from his future wife.

Are my expectations from women in arranged marriage too much? from india

Interestingly, while he himself was conflicted about his own expectations, many people shared their mixed opinions about arranged marriage and online dating. 

1)Personal preferences always matter. 

2) A ray of hope?! 😉

3) Financially stability is also important. 

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4) The world is your oyster. 

5) Things change with time. 

6) Well, never ask anyone to change for you. Acceptance is the key. 

Well, I did find my ‘Mr.Right’ through arrange marriage and I simply love him! What are your thoughts about traditional weddings? Tell us!

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