‘Ethical’ Dulha Seeks Advice On How To Refuse Dowry From His Bride’s Insistent Family


According to the Indian Penal Code, demanding dowry is a punishable act with a minimum of 7 years of imprisonment. And despite the fact that the practice is still prevalent in many parts of the country, a lot of people are progressively moving forward and setting great examples by refusing it. For example, earlier this year, 47 couples with disabilities tied the knot in Udaipur and took a stand against dowry. In another instance, a Jaipur BSF constable rejected the Rs. 11 lakh dowry presented to him, and said that the ‘bride is more valuable than money’.

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An Indian male Redditor opened up a conversation on how to decline dowry and other offers of ‘gifts’ after it was made by his fiancé’s family.

Need help declining the ‘gifts to groom’ tradition from india

People attempted to come up with ways on how to turn the tables when pressured to accept expensive gifts:

Bank deposits back in the wife’s name was a common solution proposed by many:-

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Others suggested using it to gift jewellery to the wife back:

Another also suggested to stand one’s ground and talk it out:

Have you ever been in this situation? What do you think is the best possible solution? Tell us!

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