Desi Guy Asks Why Parents Let Strangers Count Their Daughter’s Flaws In Arranged Marriages

If you have watched a substantial number of Indian movies that showcase an arranged marriage setup, you can probably guess how things go about. The parents meet each other along with their kids wherein the guy is asked questions about his financial stability and future plans while the girl is usually asked if she knows how to cook among other things.

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Well, to some extent, this scenario is still relevant in the current times. However, certain elements of this practice seem to have irked people online.

And one of them is this Twitter user who asked why desi parents let strangers count their daughter’s flaws.

Some said that Indian parents aren’t entirely to be blamed. Society is accustomed to the age-old ‘chai paroso’ and ‘chal ke dikhao’ system of spouse hunting which people still follow and we need to denormalize it.

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However, there were others who opined that men also face rejections.

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Clearly, Twitter was divided.

IMO, parents should let their kids decide which person possesses the qualities they’re looking for in their partners. What are your opinions on this?

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