Twitter User Re-imagines Rihanna As Indian Snacks, People Say, ‘Take A Bow’

We all know that popular singer Rihanna Fenty doesn’t shy away from experimenting with her looks. The Hollywood star is often seen grabbing eyeballs with her OTT dressing sense.

However, have you ever imagined Bad Girl RiRi as Indian snacks? Well, this guy did. A Twitter user named @deepraaajjj was possibly bitten by a creative keeda when he thought of reimagining the celebrity as Indian food/snacks.

In a Twitter thread, he posted several pictures of Rihanna in an outfit that perfectly matched with an Indian snack. And I think he did a pretty good job.

Take a look:

1. Rihanna as Tandoori Chicken

2. Rihanna as Kaju Katli

3. Here she is, as our favourite Chai and as Pulav in another picture.

4. Rihanna as Ice Gola and Barfi.

5. Rihanna as the perfect combo, hot Biryani and chilled Rooh Afza.

6. RiRi as Rose Kulfi and Kala Jamun.

7. Vada Pav and Aamras for the win.

8. RiRi as Dahi Puri and the quintessential Paan.

9. Here she is, as Maggi and Dhokla.

10. Rihanna as Khandvi and Momos.

11. Here she is, as Kheer and thanda Falooda.

People online were impressed by his imagination:

Well, people have earlier come up with several weird food combinations. But I think, this one’s the best. Hope Rihanna is also proud of you like we are.

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