10 Differences Between Love In Movies And Love In Real Life

It goes without saying that Bollywood rules our hearts. But, for a lot of us, we forget where the line between real and reel is. And then when reality strikes, we’re left confused as to how it could happen with us when the same didn’t happen to Deepika in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani.

Following are differences between reel life and real life love.

1. Reel life: One person leaves everything to be with the person they love

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Real life: It’d be great at first, till they start pulling each others’ hair 5 years down the line

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2. Reel life: Guy is a badass and a people’s person, but ends up falling for the nerd girl who is always quiet and reserved

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Real life: Guy is a people’s person, and doesn’t even know the quiet and reserved girl exists

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3. Reel life: Nerdy girl/guy takes off glasses and dresses better, and becomes automatically sexy

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Real life: Nerdy girl/guy takes off glasses and looks weird because no one has seen him/her without specs before

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4. Reel life: The shy girl/guy, who is too shy to perform in public spaces, mesmerizes everyone with a wonderful performance

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Real life: The shy girl/guy who doesn’t normally dance etc in public spaces probably really doesn’t know how to dance

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5. Reel life: Background songs make us realize how the character is feeling

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Real life: No background songs, so you have no fucking idea how to feel

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6. Reel life: Saying goodbye to someone you love at the airport is an emotional moment

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Real life: The person you want to say goodbye to is already late, so they run before you can even get emotional

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7. Reel life: When you say ‘I love you’ for the first time, the other person is feeling it too

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Real life: You’re basically terrified of being the first one to say it

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8. Reel life: One person is enough to fight all the bad guys

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Real life: Only one bad guy is enough to scare the shit out of the person

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9. Reel life: Guy keeps pursuing girl, girl gets convinced eventually and falls in love

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Real life: Guy keeps pursuing girl, girl takes out pepper spray

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10. Reel life: Girl meets bad guy, decides to turn him into a good guy

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Real life: Girl meets bad guy, decides to change him, gets dumped, goes to find a genuinely good guy

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All said and done, though, Bollywood is what makes us what we are- crazy, optimistic, and always hopeful.

So, dream on. Bollywood style. ūüėČ

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