15 Signs You Are Like Geet From ‘Jab We Met’

After watching Jab We Met, my mind endlessly started to wander thinking about how many times I’ve come across people who are so strikingly similar to Geet. The way she talks, her walk, the way she behaves…I think we all have met, or are friends with a Geet- like person. And I bet it’s awesome to have someone like that around.

Following are signs that you might be just like Geet from Jab We Met:

1. You can talk the life out of someone

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Saying that you have a ‘gift of the gab’ is a massive understatement.


2. You’re always late

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And needless to say, you’ve missed a train or a flight at least once.


3. You even enjoy playing pranks on people

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What’s life without a little fun, right? ūüėÄ


4. You have a strong opinion on everything

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5. You are always up for a little adventure every now and then

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6. And when people piss you off, they’re dead meat

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7. But, you aren’t afraid of telling people things the way they are

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You’re blunt like that.


8. You have wonderful ways on how to get over painful memories

G-8 (2)
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9. You look at the positive side of everything

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10. Your dramatic nature is highly entertaining

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11. You know how to enjoy the little things in life

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12. And you think that you can make the perfect agony aunt

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13. You know how to enjoy life to the fullest

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And you take risks because, well, you love life.


14. When you love, you love with all your heart

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No inhibitions, no grudges. Pure, unadulterated love.


15. And no matter what people think, you’re always going to love yourself the way you are

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And because of that, people love you too. ūüėÄ

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