Pune Woman Does Weight Training At Gym Wearing A Glitzy Saree, Watch Videos

One might think that wearing a saree is uncomfortable and might restrict movement, However, some women have been proving this wrong by working out in a saree! Recently, a video of a saree-clad woman doing pushups by lifting a gas cylinder went viral.

And now, a woman in Pune has been grabbing people’s attention with her workout videos where she is seen weight-training in a saree!

Meet Dr Sharvari Inamdar, who has become an online sensation after videos of her working out at the gym in a saree went viral. According to India Today, she can do pushups, pull-ups, and barbell lifting in a saree effortlessly.

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Dr Sharvari believes that a saree shouldn’t be a barrier for women.

“Frankly speaking, women do not wear sarees every day. It is not comfortable for everyone to wear a saree. But as an Indian woman, when we celebrate, we purposefully celebrate it with traditional Indian wear. So, wearing a saree should not be a barrier for any household woman to look after her body. So, that is why I am celebrating womanhood,” she said.

She goes on to suggest weight training for women, adding that it helps in keeping a person emotionally and physically strong.

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“Weight training helps in improving your bone density and muscle mass. When you train with weights, you eat properly and take care of your body. You become strong, emotionally, physically and mentally, and you can take care of your family and society better.”

Have a look at her complete interview here:

What an inspiring woman!

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