Woman Does Squats While Lifting A Gas Cylinder Over Her Head In A Red Saree, Watch

Women across the country have proved that our traditional attire, a saree, is not a roadblock to their routines. Earlier, a girl was seen flawlessly doing a hula hoop performance donning a saree. Recently, an Odisha woman was seen skilfully riding a horse wearing the 9 yards.

Well now, it’s this ‘red saree wali girl’ who is taking the internet by storm.

Shaili Chikara, a certified fitness consultant, has been sharing her impressive workout regime with her social media fans. But in one of the videos, she is seen squatting while lifting a gas cylinder that too while sporting a red saree.

People liked and shared her video so much that it’s currently trending online. Take a look at her skills.

Through her videos, Shaili, who works at an IT company, has proved that one doesn’t need to hit the gym to stay fit and in shape. She has been using household items and even weightlifting with her family members at home.

Here are some of her other videos:

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Like us, her followers were also impressed by her amazing feat. This is how they reacted:

She is indeed a wonder woman. Kudos!

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