Following Porsche Accident, Pune Pubs & Bars Go Empty On Weekends As Cops Launch Crackdown

Days after an underage boy mercilessly mowed down two IT professionals with his Porsche in a drunken hit-and-run case in Pune, the city police and municipal corporation have been busy at work. There currently is a massive crackdown on pubs, bars, and rooftop restaurants in the city. According to sources, 71 establishments so far have faced strict action and the offences include operating beyond the 1:30 AM deadline, serving liquor without permits, serving liquor outside the licensed premises, and serving liquor to minors.

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Strict measures are also being taken for drinking and driving. In 48 hours, 202 cases were registered in total. The Pune Municipal Corporation has also demolished two prominent pubs in the city – Waters and Orilla, reported Economic Times. These two pubs had allegedly expanded beyond permissible limits.

As a result of this crackdown, several pubs and bars across the city are running empty. The legal age for drinking in Pune is 25 years and all establishments are asking for ID and rejecting entry for those who are younger in age than the permissible limit. The young crowd that used to flock to pubs, bars and restaurants on weekends are nowhere to be seen.

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People on X have been sharing visuals of empty establishments on the weekends. Pubs that were once filled with customers, young and old, are now running dry. Have a look:

It’s laud worthy that such strict actions are being taken as they would curb accidents and other unlawful activities.

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