Pune: Rich Builder’s Son Kills 2 People With Porsche In Drunken State, Gets Bail In 15 Hrs

In a shocking incident that took place in Pune, a 17-year-old boy named Vedant Agarwal killed two people with his Porsche car in a drinking-and-driving case. Vedant is the son of Vishal Agarwal, the owner of the construction company Brahma Realty and Infrastructure – an influential and immensely wealthy man. He was out drinking with his friends at restaurants before the incident.

The accident occurred at 2.30 AM on Saturday. The two victims, Aneesh Awadhiya and Ashwini Kostha who were both 24 years old, were travelling from Kalyaninagar to Yerawada on a bike. They were both software engineers from Madhya Pradesh working in Pune.

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Vedant was driving the Porsche in a drunken state at an alleged speed between 200-240 km/hr. The car, which didn’t have a registration number, rammed into the bike carrying the two victims and later crashed into the roadside pavement railings, reported TNIE.

An eyewitness, Amen Sheikh, described the accident:

“I was standing with a rickshaw at night. The man and the woman were crossing the road on a bike. Suddenly, a Porsche car came at full speed and rammed them. Both were thrown in the air. The woman was thrown 10 feet in the air. The man’s ribs were broken, and he was not able to move,” India Today quoted him saying.

“There were three boys in the Porsche car. One of them ran away. Later, the police came and detained everyone. All three were drunk. The speed of the car was around 200 to 240 km/hour,” he added.

What’s even more shocking is the action taken against the accused in this case. According to TNIE, Vedant Agarwal received bail 15 hours after he was arrested. He has been asked to work with the traffic police, learn traffic rules for 15 days and submit a report on it. He has also been asked to write a 300-word essay on ‘Effect of road accident and their solution’.

His parents will have to ensure that he doesn’t repeat the offence, stays away from ‘bad company’ and that he appears before the Juvenile Justice Board. Vedant will also have to go through ‘mandatory counselling’.

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This raises several crucial questions about our country’s judiciary. How was the accused let go with such ‘lenient’ punishment? Why was an underage individual served alcohol in the first place? Many more such important questions are being asked by people on social media.

According to Pune Pulse, Vishal Agarwal has been arrested and has been booked under sections 3, 5 and 199 of the Motor Vehicles Act and section 75 of the Juvenile Justice Act for permitting his minor son to drive a car and allowing him to consume alcohol despite knowing that he is a minor.

Pune Police have also taken strict action against the hotel and bar owners who served alcohol to the minor. Cases have been registered against Prahlad Bhutda, owner of Hotel Cosie, and its manager Sachin Katkar, as well as Sandeep Sangle of the Blak Club at Marriott Suites, and bar counter manager Jayesh Bonkar.

Further investigation is underway. We hope that the two deceased individuals get justice.

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