People Are Messaging Their ‘Number Neighbours’ & The Replies Are Too Funny For Words!

The internet sure knows how to have fun. Apart from poking fun at current events through memes, it is always up for crazy challenges. A couple of weeks ago, sisters sent brothers their photos and asked them, “How do I look?” and the results were too funny for words. Then it was time for children to prank their dads by telling them that they’d put olive oil in their cars!

Now, netizens are texting their ‘phone number neighbours’ to say hello. But first, let’s break down what that actually means.

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If your phone number is 99999 99995 then your neighbours would be people with the digits 99999 99994 and 99999 99996. So, this viral challenge involves messaging a stranger whose phone number’s last digit is one less/more than yours. And the results are pretty epic. Since you don’t know who’s at the other end, it is certainly a gamble, they might be uninterested and rude or you guys might just become buddies!

In some cases, people got positive responses to their texts while in others, things took a very weird turn. Take a look at the best ones.


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Would you be bold enough to greet your #numberneigbour? If you do get around to doing it and get a reply, share a screenshot with us in the comments section below.

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