Not Artificial Intelligence, Someone Reimagined People From Different Indian States Using Memes

These days, people are using mobile applications that use artificial intelligence to create other avatars of themselves like those of aliens, warriors, royalty, etc. Making use of this trend, a man reimagined men from different Indian states using stereotypes associated with them.

Soon after, on public demand, he also shared a thread of images recreating women from different Indian states using AI.

Inspired by this man’s creativity, this Twitter user also shared a thread of stereotypical people from different states, but instead of artificial intelligence, he used trending memes and the results are hilarious AF.

1.Delhi guy giving ‘The Mask’ vibes.

2. The Great Khali creating khalbali in Punjab.

3. Seems like a hardworking laborer from Bihar who has multiple abs without spending money at the gym.

4. Ajay Devgn giving Jhethalal vibes for Gujarat.

5. When in Goa!

6. Do people from Tamil Nadu sit on the shore and cry their sorrows away?

7. West Bengal got us thinking.

8. The OG Maharashtrian bhau with his non-veg platter.

9. This is for Rajasthan. Even we’re confused.

10. Uttar Pradesh – enough said!

11. You don’t wanna mess with a Haryanvi.

12. People from Kerala have their priorities set.

13. According to this guy, this image is apt for Andhra Pradesh. LOL!

14. A perplexed and saturated IT guy from Karnataka.

15. This is for Madhya Pradesh. I can’t even. ūü§£

Take a look at the entire thread here:

Those who have been living on the internet for memes will definitely have a gala time correlating these memes to the people of the Indian states. We were ROFL!

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