Guy Creates AI Avatars Of Indian Men Using Stereotypes Associated With Each State, See Pics

These days, Instagram is flooded with people sharing images of them in different avatars. Well, this is because people unearthed an artificial intelligence (AI) app that lets them create their AI avatar and reimagine themselves as warriors, aliens, and more.

From celebs to social media personalities, several people jumped on this trend and shared images of themselves generated by the app.


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Now, making optimum utilization of AI, this guy created avatars of men hailing from different states of India. Madhav Kohli used the stereotypical features associated with men from different states as his reference to create the images. And the results are just mindblowing.

A loud pagdi donning police personnel with a glass of alcohol from Punjab.

Much like a deadly mafia from Bihar.

A cheerful and chubby businessman from Gujarat.

An artist on a psychedelic trip from Goa.

A stern-looking man from Tamil Nadu.

A reflection of Rabindranath Tagore from West Bengal.

In my opinion, this isn’t close to men in Maharashtra. Where’s the topi?

Nailed this royal look from Rajasthan.

How a man looks from Uttar Pradesh.

A swarthy farmer from Haryana.

There are two types of men residing in Kashmir.

Hands down the best pic created based on stereotypes of men from Mizoram.

Just glad that Jharkhand got representation.

A curly-haired, brainy man from Kerala.

A typical Himachali man.

Do men in Orissa really look like this?

This thread is just mind-blowing. Let’s see how people online reacted to his creations:

Which one do you think perfectly represented the men from a particular state? Let us know.

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