Old Man Lives A Simple Life Despite Holding Shares Of L&T, Ultratech That’s Worth Crores

You will come across many people in this world who despite having a lot of money in their bank accounts, believe in living a simple life. This is because sooner or later they realise that it doesn’t take a lot of money for a person to sustain themselves and be happy. They let go of the idea of a materialistic life and live on the bare minimum. Here is a wonderful example.

A man named Rajiv Mehta took to social media to share a video of a simple old man living in a village. This man holds shares of L&T, Ultratech Cement and Karnataka Bank, which in today’s age mints crores of money! Yet, he continues dressing simply and living in a village.

Here’s a look at the video.

Although Rajiv stated that all his shares combined cost over Rs 100 crore, the CEO of Capital Mind Deepak Shenoy rectified the costs and it is much less than what is being claimed. Despite so, the man still has a lot of money to his name.

Several people lauded the old man for embracing simplicity in a world which chases luxury. Here’s how some of them reacted:

May this man serve as an example for all of us. There is so much to learn from him!

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