Mysuru Officer Locks Himself In Metal Cage & Enters A Well In Search Of A Leopard


When it comes to rescuing wild animals and birds, a lot of people have stepped up to the responsibility in the past. Whether it was a civilian who rescued an injured eagle from drowning or forest officials and locals of Assam saving a trapped elephant using Archimedes’ principle, we have seen these daredevils take on the most difficult tasks to protect and save animals.

As per a report in TOI, a recent incident of a rescue mission for a leopard in Nagarahole, Mysuru is garnering praise. A brave range forest officer named Siddaraju entered an abandoned, 100-feet dry well with a circumference of 6 ft. in which the leopard had fallen. He locked himself in a metal cage for protection and only had a torch and mobile phone in his hand.


But reportedly no leopard was found there. According to D Mahesh Kumar, who is the director of the Nagarahole Tiger Reserve, the officials had received a complaint from the locals at Karapura village stating that they’ve spotted the big cat falling into the dry well. He explained, “Based on the complaint, we tried to trace the leopard by lowering a camera along with a torch using rope inside the well. We could not see the cat and even there wasn’t any sound of the animal. As the villagers were sure of leopard inside the well, RFO Siddaraju decided to enter to search and rescue the animal.”

“RFO Siddaraju searched for the leopard but could not find anything. He was updating the development over the mobile phone. But as there was nothing, he was pulled up back,” he concluded.

Nevertheless, Twitter lauded the commitment of the officers in carrying out their duties with the utmost bravery. Here are some of the reactions:-


We are all proud of and salute such “green soldiers” who don’t fail to rise up to their duties with full commitment.

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