‘Go Die’, Says MP Minister To Parents Complaining Of High School Fees Amid Crisis

Towards the beginning of this year, a survey found out that in India, 66% of the respondents were “severely” impacted due to the pandemic, financially. 17% complained of suffering job loss, 28% said they suffered a pay cut and 25% said they worked during lockdown without any pay, reported Hindustan Times.

As a result, the Supreme Court in May ordered schools to reduce their fees for online-only classes. This was directed at campuses that remained shut, thereby experiencing a reduction in running costs, reported TOI.

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Recently, people approached Madhya Pradesh School Education Minister, Inder Singh Parmar, and complained to him about the increase in school fees. They alleged that schools were “overcharging” them, reports India Today. They asked him what were they to do if the Education Minister doesn’t help them.

However, Minister Parmar’s response to them is being condemned for being insensitive. He tells them, “Jao Maro,” which means ‘Go die’.

Have a look at the video here:

People online on Twitter condemned the incident and accused the minister of behaving “irresponsibly” with the public.

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If those in power do not help the powerless during such a crisis, who will?

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