Woman’s Tweet About Desi Moms Eating Last At Home Sparks Much-Needed Debate Online

Around a month back, acclaimed Indian cricketer Saurav Ganguly was schooled by the internet after the men were seen relishing a feast organized at his home while the women, including his wife Dona, were seen standing next to them serving food.

This highlighted how the atrocious and problematic norms of women unnecessarily serving men and eating last is deep-rooted in our culture and have even infected the who’s who of society.

We get it. Moms are the sweetest creators who want to make sure everyone eats perfectly and stands on our heads to force-feed us out of love. But they have also been conditioned to believe that even if they’re hungry, they would never eat before everyone else has eaten for reasons they themselves can’t decipher.

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Speaking on these lines, a Twitter user tweeted that in the era of ‘Ladies first’, moms still eat last.

Her two-liner sparked a debate for good.

People highlighted how regressive and misogynistic this norm sounds.

There were also some sensible ones who said they make sure their moms eat with them.

‘She does it out of love,’ said a lot of people online. But don’t we love them enough to force them to not starve and harm themselves and join the entire family while eating? Rather than brushing this issue under the carpet of ‘maa ka pyar’ we should show them some respect and pull a chair for them at the table.

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