Pic Of Women Serving Men Dinner At Sourav Ganguly’s Home Faces Backlash Online

Many of us have grown up watching our mothers, aunts, and other female members of the family serve and stand on the side while the male members enjoy their meals. Even when guests arrived, it was always the women who ate at the end, after everyone else was done and left the house.

Several people online were reminded of such incidents when pictures from a dinner scene at Sourav Ganguly’s home went viral. According to NDTV, the Home Minister, Amit Shah, was visiting Kolkata and had dinner at the BCCI President’s home.

In one particular picture, it is seen how the men are enjoying the meal while women are serving them. Even Sourav Ganguly’s wife, Dona Ganguly, who is an acclaimed Odissi dancer herself, stands and watches.

On one hand there were people who highlighted that it was the women’s ‘choice’ to serve the men and that it’s more of a cultural thing.

But on the other hand, many slammed the situation and were reminded of scenes from their own homes.

What are your views on this incident?

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