This Difficult Meeting Between Melania Trump And Michelle Obama Had Twitter In SPLITS!

After the election result, just as Donald Trump met with Barack Obama, Melania Trump met with FLOTUS, Michelle Obama. The meeting between Donald and Barack had the room filled to the brim with awkwardness and Melania’s encounter with Michelle seemed to be no different!

Here’s a picture from the meeting which has been making the rounds on the internet:

Image Source

They seem to be quite at ease but c’mon… you know they’d be at each others’ throats as soon as the cameras are turned off.


As soon as this picture hit the internet, Twitterati knew exactly what to do: 

1. What copying? Who’s copying? I don’t see any copying!


2. She’d definitely need those notes for when it’s her time to leave.


3. What did I just see?!!


4. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s really how it went down.


5. I guess repeating Michelle Obama is the new funny!


6. Still funny! 😛


7. I don’t know why, but I’m still laughing!


8. I’m sure that’s exactly what’s going on in Michelle’s mind!


9. So you better buckle up, girl!

This is probably the first time Twitter has had so much fun over an otherwise innocuous meeting between a FLOTUS and FLOTUS-to be.

These twitter reactions are just a preview about what the next 4 years of the internet are going to look like! 

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