Video Captures Man Taking Care Of An Injured Owl ‘Like A Mother’ & Making It Fit Again

While there are heartbreaking instances of humans torturing animals, there are also several examples of humankind rescuing and taking care of animals, helping them live better lives. One such example is of Dinbandhu Babu who recently took care of an injured owl and made it fit again!

According to a report by The Indian Express, Indian Forest Service Officer Parveen Kaswan took to Twitter to post a heartwarming video of a man rescuing, feeding, and caring for an injured owl.

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At the beginning of the video, we see the owl and it is obvious that the bird is in a sorry state. But like a guardian angel, Dinbandu Babu takes the owl under his care.

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The video goes on to show how he carefully feeds the birl “like a mother” and makes it healthy again. Towards the end, he helps the bird get on top of a tree branch where it is seen flapping its feathers in joy!

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Have a look at the full video here:

According to IFS Parveen Kaswan, Dinbandhu Babu is a volunteer who has taken care of various animals including civets, cats, birds, turtles and even snakes! He has been doing this very kind deed for many years. When he isn’t rescuing animals, he teaches kids!

People online were left inspired by the man. Many called him a “true environmentalist” and saluted him!

People like Dinbandhu Babu make the world a better place for animals. We salute you, Sir!

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