Forest Dept Ties Rope Ladder Across Overflowing River To Rescue 50 Monkeys, Watch Video


The monsoon has already caused landslides in Kerala, severe waterlogging in Mumbai and is now causing flooding in several areas of Karnataka. According to India Today, due to the overflowing Tungabhadra river, 50 monkeys got stranded on a tree near Rajanahalli in Harihar taluk of Davangere district.

On August 6, the state Forest Department, as well as Fire and Emergency officials, set out with boats to help the animals but they too scared to jump into the boats. Subsequently, a rope ladder was tied to stones leading all the way up to the river bank. Though hesitant at first, the monkeys crossed the river eventually and on August 9, the rescue operation turned out to be successful.

People online lauded the efforts of the forest department.

Kudos, to the officials for helping out the animals in need.

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