Man Cries Listening To Sad Song At Barber Shop, Desis Say ‘Aur Karo Mohabbat’

We have come across many hilarious moments that have interestingly taken place at the barber’s shop. For instance, how a little boy adorably yelled “main maarunga tumko” at a barber for cutting his hair short. While some love their luscious locks to death, other people find it freeing to let go of their hair and transform into a new person, especially after breakups.

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I bet many of us are used to our nearest nai ki dukaan playing different songs to keep the customers entertained, but it didn’t pan out smoothly for this man. Upon hearing the emotional song, he can be seen suddenly bursting into tears whilst the barber is cutting his hair. The barber then stops and steps away as the customer continues to sob uncontrollably, clutching an orange cloth to his face. Here’s the video:

FYI, the song’s name is ‘Sab Kuch Bhula Diya’ from 2002 hit Bollywood movie ‘Hum Tumhare Hai Sanam’ starring Salman Khan, Madhuri Dixit, and Shah Rukh Khan. Here’s a closer view of the same video:

A lot of people related to his pain. Here are some of the responses people had to the video:

People on Facebook were full of sympathy as well:

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