“Mai Marunga Tumko” Little Boy Adorably Yells At Barber For Cutting His Hair Short

Zyada chote mat cut karna bhaiya.” Let’s agree that many of us face a dilemma while chopping our hair. Like, even though I willingly go for a haircut, I end up instructing the barber to not chop off my long tresses. How is that even possible yaar?! But it’s not just adults who dread getting a haircut, kids don’t necessarily like it either.

Recently, a man shared a video of his little son getting a haircut and it’s simply too adorable to ignore. Taking to social media, the father shared his son’s savage response on getting his locks chopped. The kid in a very innocent yet angry way sobbingly keeps yelling at the barber to not cut his hair.

At one point he even threatens the hairdresser saying “Mai marunga tumko.” and “Mai tumhari cutting karunga.” The boy even cutely yells, “Arre zyada kyu kar rahe ho” and then says, “Arre yaar”.

Many parents could relate to the hilarious post and shared how their kids do the same.

Several others admired the little boy’s innocent reaction. 

Aww. I can’t stop watching this video on loop. How about you?

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