Thousands Of FB Users Are Trying To Find A Phone In This Picture And Simply Going Nuts!

How does it feel when you’re already late for work on a Monday morning but just can’t find your Goddamn phone? Could you leave home without your phone? Hell No! It’s one of those panic-triggering situations that all of us face quite frequently. However, some of us invite the disaster on to us!

This owner of a lost smartphone seems to have gone a bit too far with a colour-coordinated drawing room and now, doesn’t have an inkling of a clue where the smartphone has camouflaged itself on the carpet!



If you can’t find it, you’re just one of the 17,000 Facebook users who have been left confounded by this amazing blend. This carpet has been shared 13,000 times and most likely, you have already come across this before.


It’s understandable if you’re thinking that it’s all a joke and there’s no freakin’ phone on this carpet. However, before jumping into conclusion, here’s a closer look that you might be interested in.


You’re never going to buy fancy carpets for your drawing room ever again, are you?

Elementary, dear Watson!

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