Woman Divorces Man 3-minutes After Marriage For Calling Her Stupid, Netizens Laud Her

Last week, the internet had crowned the splitting of an Ahmedabad couple, due to a fight among the relatives, as the fastest divorce in history. However, they might’ve to take the title away from them because a Kuwaiti couple has done the same, but in record time.

According to Khaleej Times, a Kuwaiti couple had just gotten hitched and even signed their marriage contract. But things went south (or north, depends on your perspective) after the bride stumbled.

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Apparently the newlywed couple was exiting the court house after signing their marriage certificate. But, for some reason, the bride tripped and that prompted her husband to mock her and even call her ‘stupid’.

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She was so infuriated by her husband’s comments that she took a U-turn, marched back into the court house and demanded for a divorce. The Daily Mail says that it’s the shortest marriage in history, since it lasted only 3-minutes.

Netizens have come out in support of the woman for taking such swift action, instead of walking into a marriage where there’s no respect.



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So ladies, if your man doesn’t have an ounce of respect for you and insults you for the simple act of tripping, don’t get married in the first place. And in case you make that mistake, don’t think twice before doing the good deed of divorcing him the second something like the word ‘stupid’ comes out of his mouth.

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