Ahmedabad Couple Gets Married & Divorced On The Same Day Due To Fight Over Lunch

Whether it’s an arranged marriage or a love marriage, the journey to the wedding date takes a lot of time. The couple has to get to know each other before taking the vows. Their families have to conduct “hi-fi” analytical sessions before saying “yes” (this part is optional). And then the wedding takes place.

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However, it takes a matter of seconds to undo all that. And the reason for doing so can range from falsely accusing that one’s wife has a beard to too much addiction to social media. In the case that we’re going to witness today, the culprit is lunch.

According to Mumbai Mirror, a wedding in Gondal, Ahmedabad was going as smoothly as most weddings go. However, it was disrupted by a fight at the dining table.

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Apparently, the bride and the groom had taken the pheras in the mandap, thereby agreeing to be each other’s companion in all seven births. But all those promises went down the drain as a fight between the respective sides took place during lunch. The matter escalated so much that the guests even threw dishes at each other.

Eventually, the police had to be called in order to put an end to the fight. But, alas, they were unable to stop the divorce.

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Although the fight was over a trivial matter, the rift between the two families was too deep. So, both parties called their respective advocates on the spot and divorced the couple within minutes. The groom returned without the bride and even the gifts were returned.

The only lesson to be learned from this incident is that if you’re getting married and you love your significant other, don’t call your extended families. There’s always going to be someone who’s going to ruin everything. Also, now I’m dying to know what was the topic that started the fight. Any guesses?

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