Kubbra Sait Reveals She Had An Abortion After A One-Night Stand When She Was 30

The girl from Bangalore, Kubbra Sait, finally realized she could be a film star when she bagged the role of Kukoo in ‘Sacred Games’. This was followed by many other films and web series making her one of the sought-after actors.


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The actor-model recently turned into a published author with her debut book ‘Open Book: Not Quite A Memoir’ in which she talks about how she made into people’s hearts, her deepest, darkest secrets and so much more.


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Towards the end of the book, she wrote about a specific episode in her life that no one is aware of. She relived the night in Andamans, back in 2013, when the then 30-year-old actor got physical with a close friend, got pregnant, and decided to undergo an abortion.

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“A week later, I decided to terminate the pregnancy. I wasn’t ready for it. It just wasn’t the way I had imagined my life or my journey.”

Speaking more about it, the actor recently said in an interview that she wasn’t ready.

“I think I was not ready for it. I was not ready because I was not ready for it as a human being. I don’t think I am still ready. I don’t understand this pressure around women to get married at 23 and have children by the time they are 30.”

“It is like a set invisible rulebook. I knew I was not ready for it,” Kubbra divulged adding that she has no regrets.

“Of course, I felt like a terrible human being. A horrible human being because of that choice I had made. But my feeling bad did not come from how I felt but rather how other people would perceive it. My choice was about me. Sometimes helping yourself can be hard. But it is ok. You have to do it.”

Today, she is more comfortable, hence, she decided to lay bare the incident in her book.

“I started writing the book because I felt clarity in my own thoughts. I started writing because I felt comfortable sharing. Today, I won’t go back and have a similar experience. I will have a new experience with a new approach because of what I have learned.”

Looking forward to reading her book and going through the pages of her life, as told by her.

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