“Truth Cannot Be Changed” Kubbra Sait To Javed Akhtar, Celebs Speak Of Aryan Khan’s Case

Celebrities have spoken in support of Shahrukh Khan ever since Aryan was arrested by the NCB. Nevertheless, while the investigation is ongoing, Aryan has failed to get bail as yet. This time, it is veteran lyricist Javed Akhtar who shared his thoughts on the case, saying, “Now this has become a big national news but I haven’t seen any headline on the billion dollar cocaine.”


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“You find cocaine worth Rs one billion dollar at a port, somewhere else there were 1200 people where ganja and a total sum of Rs 1 lakh 30 thousand is found,” Akhtar said adding that the case against Aryan got more media attention than other drug recoveries.

TOI reports Akhtar elaborating, “This is the price the film industry has to pay for being high profile. When you’re high profile, people have fun pulling you down, throwing muck at you. If you’re a nobody, then who has the time to throw stones at you?”

On the other hand, HT reports actress Kubbra Sait musing that these are scary times.

“I think it’s a very scary time to live in right now, where anything and everything you do is judged and everyone is quick to come up with their verdict and nobody really cares about the truth anymore. The truth cannot be changed or shifted or moulded for people. When they start manipulating facts, when they start selling manipulated facts as entertainment, it is a very sad situation to be in,” she says.


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She adds that this has not happened today, but over the last few years. “We have seen it happen, and it is really unfortunate. I am observing everything and I go back, sob a little and fix my heart and say maybe it was my destiny to be born in this time to see this drama and to see this circus unfold. I don’t wish anybody bad, but I do wish they had that much more heart in themselves to realise that this is another human being I am speaking about,” she sighs.

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Others like actress Pooja Bedi and filmmaker Prakash Jha maintained that Aryan may be innocent and caught in controversy.

TOI reports that Prakash Jha recently said that though he doesn’t have much information on the case against SRK’s son, “I haven’t read about it. I only know that the poor kid, who is Shah Rukh Khan’s son, has got into a mess.”

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