Bharti Singh Says 18-YO Kids Shouldn’t Be Dependent On Parents, Should Work Part-Time Jobs

In our country, kids are dependent on their parents till the time they get a job and start earning themselves. In some cases, individuals depend on their parents’ money till much after they have graduated, late into their 20s. In the west, for example in the United States, most kids start working part-time jobs to earn pocket money and move out from home at 18.

Bharti Singh wishes the same for her son Laksh, who is currently 3 months old. According to Hindustan Times, the comedian expressed how kids shouldn’t ask for financial help from their parents after they turn 18.


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“I believe we must provide for him for a few years but he should be able to do that for himself after a few years,” she said.

She further went on to add that her son could study and work at McDonald’s at the same time and that her daughter could work at a salon part-time.

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“You know, the way kids in the US go to school and work part-time? I advocate that way of life. I believe you must not take financial help from your parents after a certain age – say 16 or 18. My son should be studying, and working in McDonald’s’. My daughter should study and work in a salon, guiding people and taking appointments (maybe). I will be happy if my kids work part-time because it is very difficult to survive these days, especially in a city like Mumbai.”

“Earning” your pocket money since a young age can not only teach kids about the value of money and hard work, but can also instill within them deep financial literacy. Don’t you think?

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