Khalsa Aid Sets Up Langars In Odisha, Provides Free Meals & Clean Water To Cyclone Fani Victims


Cyclone Fani hit the Indian east coast on 3 May 2019. The extremely severe cyclone brought with it heavy winds and rainfall wreaking havoc in the state of Odisha. Apart from the human lives lost, many trees, lighting poles, hoardings and rooftops were damaged. While the state government was successful in minimising the destruction by providing shelter and meals to 1.2 million residents, there is still a long way to go for others who were displaced by the hurricane.

Fortunately, they have help in the form of Sikh NGO Khalsa Aid. Their volunteers have collaborated with local Gurudwaras and set up community kitchens (or Langars) for the displaced victims of the cyclone in Puri and Bhubaneshwar.

They are providing freshly prepared free meals and clean water to thousands of people in the state.


Not just in India, the group has always extended support to victims of natural disasters as well as other tragedies around the globe. Earlier, they were instrumental in helping out the victims of New Zealand’s shootings.

Their recent act of kindness and generosity has earned them praise from netizens and also restored our faith in humanity.


Kudos to each and every single volunteer of this amazing community! If you would like to be a part of their humanitarian Cyclone Fani relief efforts, you can contribute here.

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