Cyclone Fani’s Heartrending Footage Shows Death & Destruction On Odisha Coast, Millions Evacuated


The extremely severe (category 4 hurricane) Cyclone Fani has made landfall in the state of Odisha near Puri at 8 am this morning. The name pronounced as ‘Foni’ translates to snake or hood of the snake.

But in practical terms, it means a storm with strong winds and torrential rainfall.

According to Bloomberg, 11 lakh people have been evacuated from low lying areas to safe zones. Many trees, lighting poles, hoardings and rooftops have been uprooted in its wake. Schools and colleges are shut, trains and flights have been cancelled in Odisha and West Bengal.

News18 reports that the cyclone has already claimed 6 lives in Puri. Since extreme weather conditions are predicted to continue today and tomorrow, citizens have been asked to stay indoors and not panic.

Relief efforts are underway with the Navy and Coast Guard on high alert.

Here are some visuals shared by Twitter users of the destruction caused by one of the strongest cyclones in Indian history.

The Ministry of Home Affairs has operationalised a helpline number 1938 for cyclone Fani. We sincerely hope that the people of the affected areas stay safe during this natural disaster.

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