Kangana On The South Film Industry: “Outsiders Are Not Subjected To Bullying”

After giving us some impactful performances in the Hindi film industry, ‘Manikarnika’ actor Kangana Ranaut has made her way into the South film industry with the launch of her recent trilingual film.

The actor who has time and again spoken about the ills of Bollywood and the presence of nepotism in B-town feels that although nepotism also exists in the South, outsiders are not bullied there.

“Since ‘Thalaivi’ is the culmination of many industries, one thing that I have noticed in the South film industries, be it Tamil or Telugu, is that there may be nepotism in the South film industry but there is no groupism and gangism. There’s no subjecting outsiders to bullying,” Hindustan Times quoted her saying.

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While speaking at the trailer launch of her movie, Kangana further added, “They are very supportive and inclusive of people who come from outside. And the kind of love and encouragement I have experienced here, I don’t want to leave. I’m here now. I hope to do many more films here.”

At the trailer launch, the ‘Queen’ actor also shed tears of joy while speaking about director AL Vijay and said that she feels good after crying after a long time.

Kangana is credited for calling out the evils in the film industry. What do you think of her statement?

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