Chef Vikas Khanna Backs Kangana On Nepotism In B-town, Says, “I Experienced It First Hand”

Apart from her impressive line of work that includes movies like ‘Queen’ and ‘Tanu Weds Manu’, Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut is also known for highlighting the evils of B-town.

From opening up about an alleged ‘Bollywood Drug Nexus’ to speaking of nepotism, vengeance & favoritism, Kangana has time and again done some shocking revelations.

But she has also been at the receiving end of bullying, trolls, and threats from people who think otherwise. But recently, celebrated Chef Vikas Khanna backed her claims of favoritism and nepotism saying that today he experienced it first-hand.

In the latest tweet, the chef cum filmmaker wrote:

He even highlighted the issue of critics and alleged that they ask for money to give good ratings to movies and threaten to destroy the movie if they don’t get paid.

He also tweeted that people admire the ‘gatekeepers’ but are ‘unkind’ to the new.

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When he was urged to expose such people, Vikas said that he is strong enough to endure all this. However, he worries about the newcomers who might not handle the pressure very well.

Vikas recently released his directorial debut movie ‘The Last Colour’ based on his book of the same name. The movie stars veteran actor Neena Gupta, reported The Tribune.

Apparently, Kangana recently lashed out at film journalist and critic, Rajeev Masand for giving “negative reviews to genuinely good films”. Calling him Karan Johar’s “minion” she demanded strict laws in the Industry.

Vikas Khanna backing Kangana’s claims of injustice in Bollywood has again brought the industry to a very questionable spot. How do you think the industry can be rid of such malpractices? Share with us.

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