Kangana Reports Hearing Gunshots Near Her Manali Home, Says It’s An Effort To Silence Her

Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut has been continuously raising questions and pointing fingers at several people after the sad demise of actor Sushant Singh Rajput. Now, Kangana has alleged that someone is trying to stop her from voicing her opinions by intimidating her. She recently told Times Of India that she heard gunshots being fired at around 11.30 pm near her house in Manali.

Sharing about the incident, Kangana said, “I was in my bedroom, at about 11.30 pm. We have a boundary wall, behind which there are apple orchards and a water body. I heard a cracker-like sound at 11.30. At first, I thought it must be a cracker.”

“And then another shot happened, and I got a little alarmed since that sounded like a gunshot. Right now, there’s no tourist season in Manali or anything, there would be nobody out with crackers at this time.”

Kangana then immediately called the security enquiring about the gunshot-like sound, said reports. She was informed by the security in charge that “it might be some children or something here, we will go around and see whether it was crackers or some other noise was there.”

However, she claims that it was the noise of a gunshot. “Now this person maybe has never heard a bullet sound, but I have. He thought it maybe has something to do with some mischief. So, they went around, but there was nobody there. Now we were five people, and all these people here with me – they all felt it was a bullet noise. And this one doesn’t have a cracker kind of noise. So we called the cops.”

On arrival, the cops said, “Maybe somebody in the orchard was trying to shoot bats, because the bats, they damage the apples. So it could have been that kind of a shot.”

But when she called the neighbouring orchard owners and asked them if they had been near her house, and did they shoot any bullets at 11.30 pm, they informed her that they haven’t done any such activity. “And my staff tells me that in so many years we’ve never seen people shooting bullets at bats or anything like that here in the apple orchards, for sure, especially not at midnight,” she added.

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She also added, “I have heard the sound of a bullet and I think it was definitely a bullet, very intently fired twice, two shots with a gap of about eight seconds between them. And it was right opposite my room. So it seems like someone was behind the boundary walls, there’s a jungle and a water body there.”

On being questioned, why does she feel someone will fire bullets near her home, she said, “I do feel that you know because I have made a political comment on people who are known for their goondagardi. So, this may have been a small-time alarming call for me that ‘okay, you know, don’t talk like that about us or something like that’. To me seems like that, because such activity has never happened here before. And I have witnesses who have also heard it along with me.”

She further asserts that some local people may have been hired to fire gunshots near her place. “It is not difficult to pay someone seven-eight thousand rupees here and assign them something like this. To do this to make a statement on the day I called out the chief minister’s son, I don’t think it was a coincidence. People are telling me that they will now make your life miserable in Mumbai. Well, I don’t have to be in Mumbai, they are doing it here also. Is there open goondagardi in this country? This is how Sushant must have been frightened. But I will continue to ask questions,” she adds.

As of now, the cops are probing the matter and have stationed a team near her house who have been checking all vehicles that are coming in. However, they haven’t confirmed any foul play yet.

Kullu superintendent of police, Gaurav Singh said that “Nothing concrete came out as, prima facie, it appears to be a case of stray noise created by landlords or farm keepers, who are on night vigil to protect their orchards and farms from wild animals. The area has a lot of farms. Also, forensic experts were with the team, but no chemical trace, bullet empties or cartridges were recovered. We have recorded statements of other residents too, to corroborate the facts. The area police have been instructed to keep a close eye,” the SP added. Police sources also stated that the updates on the case are being sent to the state Chief Minister’s office.

Well, we pray for the safety of Kangana and her family. What do you think of this incident? Tell us.

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