Vadodara Joggers Burst Crackers & Ignore Safety Norms To Celebrate Parks Re-opening

Even though economic activities, metros, parks and other public spaces have opened up in the country, citizens seem to have forgotten that the contagious coronavirus hasn’t bid us goodbye yet.

People are seen organising pool parties and religious processions with a huge number of unmasked people in attendance, flouting social distancing norms.

In a recent show of negligence, joggers and morning walkers in Gujarat’s Vadodara were seen celebrating the re-opening of gardens and parks by bursting crackers.

Here’s the video shared online:

Even though some of them wore masks, no one was seen following the social distancing norms. Tweeple also highlighted how these covidiots were contributing to noise and air pollution.

Well, I fail to understand the need to burst crackers and neglect the safety norms amid the ongoing pandemic. PS: there are 9,19,018 people reportedly battling the virus RN.

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