Women In Iran Are Dancing To Protest The Arrest Of 19 YO Instagrammer Who Posted Dance Videos

History bears witness to the innumerable times that religion has been used to oppress women. Whether it is to control their sexuality, their right to choose, or even to prohibit their basic freedom…. religion has always dominated over women’s basic human rights. And this time, it has managed to strike a teenager in Iran, who made the colossal mistake of dancing in her home!

Maedeh Hojabri, a 19-year-old girl, was arrested in Tehran, Iran, for posting videos on Instagram. What kind of videos, you ask? Completely innocent videos of herself dancing in her own bedroom!

Hojabri has some 600k followers on Instagram, where she posts videos of herself dancing to popular English and Iranian songs. There is no obscenity of any kind. Except for the lack of the mandatory headscarf that Islamic women must sport at all times.

Hojabri is amongst several users who have been arrested for posting such videos on their accounts. However, the names of the other detainees have not been revealed.

According to News 18,  Hojabri and the other detainees appeared on television and were made to give a forced confession of their ‘crimes’ in the presence of cops and other authorities.

A young woman with a blurred face was made to say,

“It wasn’t for attracting attention. I had some followers and these videos were for them. I did not have any intention to encourage others doing the same … I didn’t work with a team, I received no training. I only do gymnastics.”

The arrest of Hojabri and others has sparked an outrage in Iran as well as on social media across the world, with people expressing their utter disbelief over such a blatant violation of human rights.


Not everyone’s as lucky….

When you put the question like that, you realise what an absolutely normal act was taken and criminalised!

Horrendous display of religious intolerance!

And angry is what we should be!

Leaving behind a stark question that we are afraid to answer….

And yet, all it takes is one tiny spark of defiance to ignite a full-blown rebellion! Women in Iran managed to find a unique way to protest against Hojabri’s arrest and call for her freedom…. By uploading dancing videos of their own!

From dancing in public parks to dancing in their own homes, the women of Iran are standing up for not just Hojabri’s but their own right to do whatever they want in their homes!

What an apt way to show solidarity towards the cause!

It is indeed a sad reality that such arrests are happening, while actual criminals who’ve committed horrific crimes against women and children are roaming free in the streets. Here’s hoping the law is enforced where it ought to be, and not on harmless teenagers dancing in their bedrooms.