IndiGo Flight Leaves Behind Luggage Of All Passengers Due To “Operational Issue”, Gets Slammed Online

Passengers on a flight can have varied experiences depending on what happens during their journey. It might turn out great if the attendant provides safety instructions by rapping instead of boring announcements or if you happen to sit next to a celebrity. It could be super weird if one of the fliers is a bird. But it would definitely be annoying if the airline leaves your luggage behind.

The Indian Express reports that IndiGo has two Delhi-Istanbul flights, 6E15 and 6E11, which leave from the IGI airport every day at 11.45 am and 2 pm, respectively.

The flights that took off this weekend, however, did not carry any check-in baggage due to an “operational issue”. And the passengers were informed about the same only after they deboarded at Istanbul.

The Times of India quoted the airline’s official statement saying,

“Unfortunately, due to the exceptionally heavy headwind, we had certain payload restrictions on a few flights to Istanbul which led to offloading of a limited number of checked-in baggage. In light of these limitations, we have upgraded our aircraft and adjusted the payload as long as the prevailing wind conditions remain, so all the left behind baggage will be carried today. We regret the inconvenience caused to our passengers.”

Needless to say, fliers were not impressed by this explanation and took to Twitter to share their harrowing experiences. Some had connecting flights to take while others had important medication in their baggage. Pretty soon, #ShameOnIndigo began to trend as the airline wasn’t able to get the luggage even after 24 hours!

Everyone agrees that this is completely unacceptable and the inconvenienced passengers should receive adequate compensation from the airline.

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