Viral Video Of Flight Attendant Rapping Safety Instructions To Passengers Is Taking The Internet By Storm

Safety instructions announcements on a flight are mandatory but boring! Moreover, if you are a frequent flyer, possibilities are that you might have already learned all the instructions by heart. But what if your flight attendant figures out an uber cool way to make those regular, monotonous announcements exciting? Sounds great, right?

An air-hostess from Southwest Airlines is going viral for doing so, recently. Instead of following the usual drab way, Adele, brought a musical twist to the safety announcement before take off. The air hostess on the flight bound to Salt City Lake, Utah from Los Angeles, surprised all the passengers on board by rapping the safety instructions to them.

Before kicking off her cool rap, the flight attendant can also be seen chanting “Stomp, stomp, clap,” to encourage the crowd to join in, in the video. Passengers can be seen clapping and cheering for Adele.

The video of the air-hostess, rapping away the instructions has taken the social media by storm. People can’t stop praising the air-hostess for her delightful way of reading out the safety instructions.

Robert Stratton, a passenger on board who had recorded the video said to Daily Mail, “I’ve never had a flight like that before, it was great to start with. Everyone on board really enjoyed it.”

This is not the first time that a flight attendant has opted for such an amusing way to read out the safety instruction to the passengers. A few months back, a flight attendant demonstrated the routine safety instructions with a twist where Daniel Sandberg was handed over the mic. He left the passengers in hysterics with his hilarious announcement.

Other airlines too should take a cue from such entertaining safety announcement routines, shouldn’t they? After all, the passengers deserve to be pampered and entertained on a flight.