Video Of A Bird Flying To UK From Singapore In Business Class Goes Viral

We are no alien to the picturesque locations, exotic wildlife and tropical trees that Singapore boasts. In such a country, rich in flora and fauna, sighting a flying bird is in no way phenomenal!

But one lazy ass of these creatures decided to fly high, maybe to some other country not by flattering its wings but in the most humane way possible.

So the little bird boarded a flight of Singapore Airlines and chose to fly in the business class all the way to UK! The Javan Mynah was caught on a video recorded by one of the passengers onboard which broke the internet, lately.

The bird can be seen using the headrest of a business class seat as a perch and sat there for 12 hours before someone did notice. A steward tried to catch the bird in vain. It was, however, later on, caught by a member of the cabin crew with the help of a passenger.

The airline then handed over the bird to the animal quarantine authorities once the aircraft landed in London. And, he already got a lot of fans on Twitter:


We wonder how the birdie would have suffered the jet-lag! Whatever be the matter, this little guy has definitely scored something that most of us could only do in dreams. After all, no airline is ever going to let us take a free ride in their business class!