Indie Dog That Was Hit By A Vehicle Gets Adopted By Canadian Couple, Now Her Life Is A Dream!

Meet Indy, a street dog from India. As a puppy, she was hit by a vehicle which left her with an injured leg and an amputated tail. The Indie dog was rescued and has now been adopted by a wonderful Canadian couple!

Havilah Heger Wiley and her husband Stephen adopted the dog through Dharamsala Animal Rescue. Indy travelled across the world, from India to Canada, via flight. It took her 5 days to travel to her new home and she spent 2 days in Toronto waiting for her connecting flight.

The Canadian couple shared a video on Instagram where they shared their journey to the airport and finally meeting the adorable Indie dog. In the video, we see Indy being carried in a carrier. When she finally comes out, she sniffs her new parents’ hands. They then feed her some treats and the dog is seen getting friendly.

Have a look at the video here:

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“She is gentle, sweet, goofy, and FULL of energy,” writes Havilah.

Now, Indy gets to go on treks with her new family, plays in the snow, has made new friends in the neighbourhood, and experiences new adventures every now and then!

Every dog deserves a happy ending like Indy!

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