Indian-Swedish Couple’s Video Floods With Racist Comments Because The Man Is DARK! Seriously?

Our society’s obsession with colour is something that I still fail to comprehend. And I am not the only one, who feels so; I know you do too. You don’t understand how being fair or in layman’s language ‘less black’ can alter your destiny.

It’s quite funny and insanely ridiculous, don’t you think? But the truth we all know is that, it is so deeply rooted in our world that people among us are still fighting racism, they are STILL being called names. Yes, it’s 2017 but we haven’t come far at all. And this time, I come bearing proof.

Meet this amazing couple, Moa and Markus. Moa is a regular blogger and a YouTube vlogger, who documents their life as new parents. Markus is an Indian-origin Swedish guy!


Quite recently, Moa posted a video as she does every week; where she and Markus are trying baby food for their daughter, Mila. New to parenthood, Moa and Mark discuss and take decisions together.


So, after Moa posted the video, it was flooded with hate comments, lewd remarks calling Mark and their ‘ugly’. Don’t ask me why, I fail to comprehend. While the comments have been disabled on the video, an Imgur user has archived them and here are some of the most ugly ones.

1. There is so much hate within us, I had no clue.


2. She married the one she loved and she doesn’t need your opinion.


3. I have an idea, why don’t you SHUT UP?


4. I don’t even know what goes on in their mind.


5. Every other comment is disgusting.

Doesn’t that make your blood boil? These are the ones we filtered, but there were extreme racist comments with words that should be banned from everyone’s vocabulary.


A Reddit thread claims that some people were so angry that they tracked the Swedish couple’s house and sent them death threats!

Can you believe this? I can’t, I seriously can’t.


I cannot say what goes on in the minds of such sadists, but for my own sanity, I found Moa’s Instagram and from what I saw, Mark is an amazing husband and Mila, is of course, a wonderful baby! Just take a look –

1. They are so in love!


2. On his daddy duties!


3. Why should anyone tell them anything, they love each other and that’s enough.


4. And Mila is an adorable baby girl.


You can watch Moa and Markus’ entire video here.

What has hate given to the world? Flip a few pages of history and you’ll know. All we need for this world to live in peace is LOVE. Let love prevail.

Let’s end this discrimination once and for all. It’s 2017 for heaven’s sake, if not now, when?

Source: Reddit

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